Teal Digital web designs are not only visually stunning but centered around your brand identity and digital goals. All our sites are powered by WordPress, one of the world’s most popular and solid CMS. A website built with WordPress ensures that you have a secure, SEO friendly, and easy to update website. Our basic and premium templates also ensure that we can get your site up and running in 1-2 weeks, eliminating the need to wait weeks on end for development. However, we know that no two businesses are the same, therefore we ensure your site is tailored to your sector and specifications. We also offer high quality graphic design services.


After getting a detailed picture of your business, customers and marketing objectives- we will create a site that ensures visitors get a memorable and enjoyable browsing experience. Crisp, eye-catching graphics and clear call to actions are just some of the elements we prioritise in order to increase length of stay and conversions.


Our highly responsive designs ensure your customers can access your site no matter what device they use- whether via laptop, mobile or tablet, your site will always provide the same high quality experience.


At Teal Digital, we pair innovative design with functionality. Our web designers work in tandem with our SEO/PPC strategist to ensure your site is fully search engine friendly and that all ad landing pages create maximum impact.


We are always just an email or call away should you need updates or troubleshooting. Teal Digital believes in establishing solid customer relationships with our clients.


Teal Digital will closely audit your existing social media activity (including any current campaigns) and provide feedback and recommendations on how to improve your strategy. Our detailed audits provide you with the insight needed to maximise productivity and results.


For businesses without a social media presence, Teal Digital will build your social media profiles from the ground up, choosing the platforms most suitable for your sector. We will set up all relevant accounts for you, customising designs to suit your brand and adding relevant apps, landing pages and other add-ons where necessary.


Upon helping you understand which social media platforms will best fit your marketing goals, we will proceed to use promotional and other incentive-driven campaigns to begin developing your online presence and follower base. We aim to quickly increase your follower count whilst targeting the right demographics to ensure you have an audience that is genuinely interested in your business. For businesses with pre-existing social media presences, we will build on your existing online communities and create further conversions via your website and other channels.


We will tailor a social media strategy to suit your business goals all while ensuring you achieve you desired ROI. A large following is meaningless without a proper strategy- that’s why we create a custom strategy with your goals firmly in mind. From increasing audience engagement to launching successful social media campaigns, our comprehensive strategies will give you the blueprint you need to make the most of social media marketing.


We will train your nominated staff on how to continue running your online networks following initial set up. We will make sure you have an in depth understanding of the platforms you use as well as the tools and techniques needed to achieve tangible results. Our training is sector-specific and as with your strategy- built around your business goals. Our workshops can be completed anywhere from half a day to over a set period of time according to your needs and availability. We aim to make you proficient and confident in all aspects of social media marketing by the end of our workshop.


For businesses too busy to run their social media profiles or those who require day to day assistance, Teal Digital offers a convenient and comprehensive social media management service.  We can either completely manage the profiles on your behalf or help with day to day management.

                                     Tasks include:

  • Drafting and implementing weekly editorial calendars
  • Creating and posting unique content
  • Hosting contests and giveaways
  • Community management
  • Growing your audience
  • Monitoring analytics and measuring success
  • Running ads

 and much more…

 Detailed progress reports will be sent to you at the end of each month.



We understand the importance of search engine optimisation in driving traffic to your site and bringing along new leads and conversions. Higher rankings mean higher brand visibility so we use a wide range of techniques to help boost your organic SERP (search engine results page) listings, enabling you to gain a competitive edge in your sector.


We work closely with you in order to better understand your business and sector before tackling your SEO/PPC needs. The right keywords and methodology make all the difference so we use all the latest innovations in SEM (search engine marketing) to ensure your website is always one step ahead. From meta content to schema implementation, we’ll take care of the technical aspects so you don’t have to. We can also advise on or manage other aspects of your SEO needs such as link building and content development.


Given that so much of SEO/PPC is behind the scenes work, it can be hard to see live results. At Teal Digital, measurable performance is a priority. We provide detailed monthly reports of our activities so you can have a clear understanding of the process involved. No vague status reports, just visible results.


Our monthly reports also include the results of all PPC campaigns including cost per clicks, ads with the highest and lowest engagement and so forth.

We offer flexible, budget-friendly monthly management packages, allowing you to make the most of your online marketing spend. Whatever your budget, we will make the most of it, ensuring you get as much visibility and as many ad clicks as possible.

We not only generate traffic but track and analyse that traffic in order to evaluate your ROI and focus on the most effective channels. From concept to delivery- our digital campaigns are carefully planned and executed whilst keeping in mind your audience’s online behaviour patterns, ensuring we locate them on the platforms they use, engage them and drive them to your site.

We also create brilliant and engaging online ad campaigns that attract potential customers to your site and social media pages amongst other channels. From banner advertising to Facebook ads, we’ll determine which formats best fit your needs and implement ad strategies that bring you solid results.


Every day, thousands of pieces of content are published online, making it hard to differentiate your content from the rest. Good quality content takes work but is an excellent marketing tool for engaging your audience whilst simultaneously gaining sales and building customer loyalty. Teal Digital will draft and create unique branded content for your business that is both professional and measurable. Our content services include:

  • Articles
  • E-magazines and E-books
  • Blogs
  • Microsites
  • Newsletters
  • Web content
  • Video/Photos
  • Webinars and Podcasts
  • Repurposing existing content
  • Content suggestions & curation


We believe in creating brand ambassadors- we want your audience to be as excited about your brand as you are. That’s why every piece of content we create has your customers’ interests at heart. We create engaging, shareable content that not only entertains but educates, ensuring your customers remain tuned in and constantly interacting with your brand. We know how important retaining existing customers is to your business- content marketing allows you to keep them informed of your products and services all while bringing extra value.


We create and distribute content across all your key channels creating an integrated experience for your customers. Although each piece of content is created for a specific channel (for maximum value) we also repurpose the content for all your other channels, in effect doubling your ROI.