Social Media: 5 Brands Who Are At The Top Of Their Game



In today’s fast paced, technology focused world- everyone and their dog has some form of social media account. Literally. Tuna the Chiweenie, ‘author’ of The Underdog With The Overbite, is a pup who became a worldwide celebrity through Instagram. However, this saturation of social media doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone and their dog are good at it. To be successful in the digital marketing world today you have to be clever, charismatic and creative.  Simply put, you need to bring something different to the table in order to stand out and make the most of any platform. The following brands are who we at Teal Digital believe are doing amazing things on social media:


Starbucks share their content across all the major social media platforms in order to reach as many people as possible. Not only do they have an account on every platform, they also have an account for each of their global locations, ensuring they offer region-specific incentives for customers. As a pop culture icon and a worldwide safe haven for getting coffee on the go- it would be easy for Starbucks to just embrace such a status and sit back without trying to grow or gain new customers. However, lazy just isn’t their style. Starbucks is a strong brand with attention to detail. They are doing social media right through:

  • Great photography – Their images are amazing. Go on to a Starbucks account from anywhere in the world and you’ll be met with perfectly constructed, high resolution, beautiful images.
  • Promoting a lifestyle – They do Marketing 101 oh so well. Through their posts they promote the lifestyle that you too could be living! (If only you had that Venti Triple Shot Latte in your hand)
  • Branded Community – Starbucks’ followers and customers are well rewarded through the Starbucks app which offers all kinds of sign up incentives, one of which is a free drink on your birthday. They also subtly mention the app on their social media channels and promote the benefits you will receive by joining their community.
From Starbucks UK Twitter Account

From Starbucks UK Twitter Account


The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

Now a little glimpse into our American friends’ social media usage. The Tonight Show has been a huge American enterprise for years but with the rise of social media they have rapidly grown into an influential, worldwide enterprise (even in countries the show isn’t screened in) The Tonight Show are great at:

  • Relevant hashtags – Every Wednesday, the show sends out a hashtag asking people to tweet in stories relating to the hashtag for a chance to be featured on the show. This is a great way to stay relevant and increase audience participation and communication.
  • Personal touch – The show’s Youtube account is a hive of activity. In fact, one of the major reasons they have been able to expand worldwide is due to the viral content they post. On their Youtube account, you’ll find videos from Jimmy Fallon himself urging you to subscribe, try saying no to that face, go on, I dare you.


From The Tonight Show Twitter Account

From The Tonight Show Twitter Account


Although Specsavers are relatively new to social media, the way they are leveraging their platforms guarantees they will keep gaining momentum. Their most successful tactic:

  • Engagement with followers – as well as offering a range of competitions via twitter, Specsavers engage with their followers to encourage them to share their Specsavers purchases. For example – this week I casually tweeted about getting new glasses, Specsavers was on the ball and replied to my tweet asking for a ‘spec-selfie’. This is a great way of fueling people’s excitement for their new purchases and building a relationship with their followers.



This purely online store has got all social media bases covered with a high focus on customer satisfaction. ASOS was born in the social media age and has continued to thrive thanks to:

  • Follower feedback – ASOS has a separate account purely for customer requests and issues. This makes them constantly available and open to all contact with followers.
  • Promoting celebrity – ASOS is constantly growing and lately it has been getting a lot of attention from the rich and famous. Their platforms are frequently updated with images of various celebs wearing different ASOS products. Once again, a brand that has mastered Marketing 101. If you can manage to get a celebrity to use your brand, promote the hell of it. After all, a product or brand will always have more appeal if the latest ‘it girl’ is seen with it.


From ASOS Pinterest Account

From ASOS Pinterest Account

Benefit Cosmetics

Founded in San Francisco, Benefit cosmetics is another brand that has quickly become a worldwide favourite. They have an especially large following in the UK thanks to:

  • Branded Community – similar to Starbucks, Benefit have done a great job of creating a community with their followers the ‘Benebabes’. A range of prizes are offered as incentives (such as make-up, tickets to events and photo-shoots) to those who sign up or use the hashtag. To be a ‘Benebabe’ is to be up to date with the latest make-up trends.
  • Announcing events – Benefit are known for having a range of pop up events such as pop up eyebrow shaping bars and curl and cocktail bars. These fun events are announced and documented across their channels to encourage people to attend.
  • Target audience – Benefit are 100% in touch with their target audience. They know exactly who they are and exactly how to communicate with them. They know what issues their audience are having and can therefore post about products that solve those issues. They even know pick up on the current events most popular with their audience and live-tweet about them (e.g. The Brit Awards). They know just what their Benebabes want.
From Benefit Cosmetics UK Twitter Account

From Benefit Cosmetics UK Twitter Account

Well there you have it, 5 brands that are doing fun, interesting and different things on social media. Hopefully you picked up some tips and some new accounts to follow. Who are your favourite brands on social media?


By: Stephanie Mitchell