The basic virtues of web design




Creating and maintaining a website is easier said than done. It is important to get it right because it is one of the key ways of delivering brand messages, products and services to the audience. It is also important as a means to keep them coming back. A great web design with all the right features can reach millions of people all around the globe. In order to draw users to your website and convince them to try out your services you need to provide them with an accurate conveyance of what you business is all about. In trying to make a website the best that it can be, sometimes the basics are forgotten.


Knowing the target audience

The basis of a website and web design should be focused on its target audience. Not knowing who your target audience is can result in creating a website that is too broad and is most likely to end up in visitors leaving the site. Thorough target audience research is crucial for a successful web design. The website will have to be designed around the audience so that they are drawn into visiting it. Time should be taken to generate the results, after which the look and functions of the website can be decided.


Contact information and internal linking

A common web design mistake is burying contact information deep within the site and making it difficult for users to find. People who visit the site and take interest in products want to be able to find the contact information easily. Having a clear contact button or displaying the information in the corner or bottom of every web page is an easy way to achieve this. If the information is tucked away and difficult to find, it is highly likely that users will become irritated and leave the site. Giving readers clear calls to action alongside content is an easy way to prompt them to take the next step and get in contact. Using internal linking to achieve this is a great idea as they can be transported to the contact page with one easy click.


Quality content

Content does remain key and the focus should be on the quality because it can be a huge factor in drawing customers. In an environment where time is money and where a lot has to be produced in a small space of time, it can be tempting to take short cuts. Stuffing content with keywords can be tempting especially in an effort to boost SEO. However, compromising the quality of content can result in penalties. A simple way to generate content that will also help build trust is to include testimonials from previous customers.



Offering a good range of features on your website is crucial in delivering value. Make sure not to offer too many features because you may end up losing what your brand is about and confusing users with a cluttered layout. Do include links to your social media. Integrating a Twitter feed in the layout it a great way to show credibility. Advertisements can be extremely off-putting and look unprofessional so it is a good idea to limit them.



The overall look of a website remains important because it may be the deciding factor as to whether a visitor stays on your site. You may have an abundance of information you want to put forward to your audience but try not to have a layout that is untidy or confusing to navigate. A minimal design with a clear presentation of a company’s logo is a firm favourite. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour but use them in blocks and keep them simple.



By: Pareeta Nayee, Blogger