Visual Assets to Become More Widespread in 2014

The latest trend in digital marketing will come as no surprise to many marketers but to everyone else the rise of visual data may come as somewhat of a shock. Visual data is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than textual data so no wonder this trend is on the rise. Not only does visual data process faster, it can be shared online just as fast thanks to the power of social media which makes accessing and sharing images just a few easy clicks away.


The use of social media has given companies an easier way to not only promote visual data but blog posts as well. Unfortunately, most bloggers either forget or omit images from their blog posts, missing out on the viral potential of visual assets. What bloggers do not know is that only 20% of what is being written will be remembered- yes, that means most of this blog will be forgotten. Compare that to the 80% retention rate of visual posts!


Twitter is catching up with the trend as proven by the fact that the most shared links on the site contain images (remember Ellen’s famous Oscars selfie that went viral overnight?) Sharing content via social media is not only easy but increases the chance of someone coming across your content via an eye catching image on their dash. In short, to increase your brand’s online visibility, engagement and followers, use images to supercharge your social media posts. Fortunately, noticing the rise in popularity, 70% of marketers are getting the hint and jumping on board. 17% of brands however will see opportunities wasted while 12% of companies will not bother at all and 1% will experience significant decline as a result.


Visual content is easily created with the right combination of images, language and design. The effective use of these three key components will decide whether you create something memorable and shareable or mundane and easily dismissed. Most creators of visual content will go with tried and true methods such as humour (think animals posing or funny elements added to a serious photo) and while some of these are sure to garner a large response, humour doesn’t work for everyone so be sure it matches the tone you want to set for your brand.


The visual assets trend allows marketers and business owners to show their followers they are current and adaptive to the ever-changing nature of digital marketing so now is the perfect time to jump on board. If however you’re like the 12% who do nothing to try and become more visual this year, you are missing a great chance to further boost your brand awareness.



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